RDC Elevated Train Control Design Requirements

by Charles R. Hentz

The O/o27 gauge Lionel “Budd” RDC cars will be operated using DC supplied from a computer power supply.  A control panel will offer two modes of operation.   Manual mode will consist of a round dial to control the speed limited to forward direction only.  This will also offer a push button for a horn sound with the speaker located near the station for sounding on departure.   On automatic mode, the train will start up slowly from behind the mountain and proceed toward the monorail  station complex .  An infrared sensor located near the track will cause the train to slow and stop at a location of another infrared sensor but have minimum voltage to keep the lights on in the cars.  After 30 seconds, a horn will indicate departure and the train will slowly accelerate to normal speed. Another sensor will allow the train to slow to a stop behind the mountain.  A digital display timer with a countdown from five minutes will make the train wait until the timer times out or a push button press will restart the sequence.  The timer will be adjustable by a round dial from the maximum to zero.  Very limited changes to the Pullman Motor 2028-100 will be required since all control is external through the track.  Normal speed will be set by a sliding potentiometer in case the train changes its operation characteristics over time.